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After college, I started off as a business analyst. It allowed me to utilize the skills learned in school (BS in Information Systems & BS in Accounting). I created reports using SQL queries and Crystal Reports, met with end users to obtain business requirements for new projects, coordinating tasks with developers to meet projects needs, project management, and more. Although I enjoyed the work, I wasn't fully satisfied. I have both a technical side and a creative side; I wanted to move in a direction where I could use both sides so I started searching for something new... In my personal time, I began following more creative pursuits. What blossomed was much more than I could have imagined.

I picked up a camera, started taking and retouching photos, began designing graphics, and started coding... all things that really interested me, challenged me and that were both technical and creative. Surprisingly, I enjoyed and excelled with each one more than I thought. With photography, I enjoy capturing beauty in plain sight, no matter how simple. Retouching photos allows me to enhance and create digital art. When I design, I feel like an artist with a digital canvas laid out in pixels. With web development, I enjoy creating experiences that allow users to interact with a website, get data and share with th get data while helping clients meet their goals. Without a doubt, web design/development is my main passion and forté but I'm thankful that my other skills and background tie into it. I think the combination makes me a stronger more well-rounded developer. I'm happy I took a chance and began experimenting with different interests. I haven't looked back.

I currently freelance through Codeable as a Wordpress Developer and On The Map Media as a Digital Creator (websites, graphics, photography and retouching). I'm currently looking for a new opportunity. I'm happy to continue working as a Front End Web Developer or UI Designer but an area I am also interested in is UX Research. With my background and experience as an analyst/designer/developer as well as experience working with researchers and clients... it could be a great fit.


  • Worked with major clients such as Discovery Channel, NBC, Dell, FIFA, Chick-fil-A, Caterpillar, NASCO, Banfield, Rio Olympics, Vacation.com, and others.
  • Formerly Webmaster at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW Website)
  • While working with Florida SouthWestern State College (previously known as Edison State College), the redesign I worked on for the college won 2nd place for best website (Association of Florida Colleges, 2013)
  • Started a label/agency with a partner in July 2011 providing audio engineering, photography, videography, graphic design, and web development services (On The Map Media Inc.)


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